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10, sanger coined its name, 11 12 as a portmanteau of wiki (the Hawai'ian word for "quick" 13 ) and "encyclo pedia ". Beyond legal matters, the editorial principles of Wikipedia are embodied in the "five pillars" and in numerous policies and guidelines intended to appropriately shape content. Studying Cooperation and Conflict between Authors with History Flow Visualizations (PDF). Despite the name, administrators are not supposed to enjoy any special privilege in decision-making; instead, their

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powers are mostly limited to making edits that have project-wide effects and thus are disallowed to ordinary editors, and to implement restrictions intended to prevent certain persons from making. "Wikimedia Traffic Analysis Report Wikipedia Page Views Per Country". 74 166 In response to paid advocacy editing and undisclosed editing issues, Wikipedia was reported in an article in The Wall Street Journal, to have strengthened its rules and laws against undisclosed editing. Retrieved July 26, 2012. Archived from the original on March 31, 2001. 331 In 2010, comedian Daniel Tosh encouraged viewers of his show, Tosh.0, to visit the show's Wikipedia article and edit it at will.

Helm, Burt (December 13, 2005). It also has non-sexual photographs of nude children. 53 Wikipedia blackout protest against sopa on January 18, 2012 A promotional video of the Wikimedia Foundation that encourages viewers to edit Wikipedia, mostly reviewing 2014 via Wikipedia content Milestones In January 2007, Wikipedia entered for the first time the top-ten list of the most. Retrieved September 30, 2007. Comedian Stephen Colbert has parodied or referenced Wikipedia on numerous episodes of his show The Colbert Report and coined the related term wikiality, meaning "together we can create a reality that we all agree onthe reality we just agreed on". Link Spamming Wikipedia for Profit. For a user to be considered active in a given month, one or more actions have had to have been made in said month.

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284 Andrew Lih and Andrew Brown both maintain editing Wikipedia with smart phones is difficult and this discourages parship de kostenlos berlin schöneberg new potential contributors. Initially an English-language frau wichst sich private pornos drehen encyclopedia, versions in other languages were quickly developed. 195 A 2011 study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota indicated that male and female editors focus on different coverage topics. The World is Flat. 6 Logarithmic graph of the 20 largest language editions of Wikipedia (as of ) 130 (millions of articles).1.3 1 3 English 5,819,055 Cebuano 5,364,319 Swedish teufelchen geschichten halle erotik 3,749,836 German 2,280,971 French 2,088,152 Dutch 1,960,545 Russian 1,534,372 Italian 1,512,652 Spanish 1,510,239 Polish 1,323,956 Waray 1,263,539 Vietnamese. 244 Hardware operations and support teufelchen geschichten halle erotik This section needs to be updated. Retrieved January 29, 2007. 224 Maher has stated that one of her priorities would site rencontre chine rheinfelden be the issue of editor harassment endemic to Wikipedia as identified by the Wikipedia board in December. The English Wikipedia passed the mark of two million articles on September 9, 2007, making it the largest encyclopedia ever assembled, surpassing the 1408 Yongle Encyclopedia, which had held the record for almost 600 years. This is still under development. 216 217 The perceived toxic attitudes and tolerance of violent and abusive language are also reasons put forth for the gender gap in Wikipedia editors. English Wikipedia's protection policy English Wikipedia's full protection policy a b Birken,. Archived from the original on September 2, 2017.

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51 Lih alleges there is serious disagreement among existing contributors how to resolve this. A b c "Wikipedia. Farrell, Nick (April 29, 2010). Retrieved December 28, 2016. "Wikimedia Foundation 201112 Annual Plan" (PDF). Pone.0038869, see "Archived copy". 172 A Harvard law textbook, Legal Research in a Nutshell (2011 cites Wikipedia as a "general source" that "can be a real boon" in "coming up to speed in the law governing a situation" and, "while not authoritative, can provide basic facts as well. The Guardian 2014 (London) The Guardian view on Wikipedia: evolving truth Archived November 12, 2016, at the Wayback Machine a b Quilter, Laura (October 24, 2012).

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For Wikipedia's visitor introduction, see. Governance Further information: Wikipedia:Administration Wikipedia's initial anarchy integrated democratic and hierarchical elements over time. (subscription required) Neutral point of view. Retrieved May 14, 2017. As of 2008, page requests are first passed to a front-end layer of Squid caching servers. For the government censorship of Wikipedia, see Censorship of Wikipedia. 40 Around 1,800 articles were added daily to the encyclopedia in 2006; by 2013 that average was roughly 800. Several other methods of mobile access to Wikipedia have emerged. "New pages patrol" is a process whereby newly created articles are checked for obvious problems. In November 2009, a researcher at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid ( Spain ) found that the English Wikipedia had lost 49,000 editors during the first three months of 2009; in comparison, the project lost only 4,900 editors during the same period.